Jamie Aaron Kelley & ELVIS STORY

From Jamie to Japanese people
(4-min movie)

Some many people know that I have been an Elvis Presley admirer for nearly a half century. Elvis never knew it, but he was the man who changed my life in every aspect. I am indebted to him.

I am also a huge fan of ELVIS STORY. The performance inspired me as to what my lifework should be, in addition to the other projects which I take on for my clients. In 2003, I started my lifework project on my own under the theme of gPeople who interpret Elvis with sincerity.h I have been to Quebec City, Shanghai, and Montreal to see the show, interviewed the cast and crew, and met the man who played lead role, Martin Fontaine. I have seen the show and met Martin so many times, that I have stopped counting.

Martin has always encouraged me to gfeelh and grock en' roll.h This is what is missing in the ordinary Japanese. Martin has given me the guiding light to write about gwhat I felt in my heart.h He has given me inspirations as to where I should go. Martin left the ELVIS STORY production in 2005 in order to take on other professional challenges. He is now working on a new marvelous project. Congratulations!

As the new lead in ELVIS STORY, Jamie Aaron Kelley made his debut in July 2005 in Atlantic City, USA. The show is now titled gELVIS STORY Starring Jamie Aaron Kelley.h I saw this show and met Jamie in Atlantic City.

Nobody can imagine how amazed I was at gJamie Elvis.h When I met him for the first time, I felt Jamie was the current incarnation of Elvis. It was September 26, 2005 and just before the show opened its curtain. Wearing the gThat's All Righth wardrobe, he smiled at me and admitted that he was not as good at playing the guitar as Elvis was. Jamie is a very polite, sincere, and charming young gentleman. I am sure that you'll become lovesick with him once you see his show.

Thanks to the ELVIS STORY Production and Jamie himself, I am able to continue my lifework. I hope that you will be able to touch the essence of Elvis with Jamie... And discover the wonderful world of music that Jamie creates!

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