Enjoy working hard.
These moments were shot by my photographers, crew, or staff members. I did not notice at all that I was shot while working.
I would like to thank them for giving me these wonderful presents.

Thinking in a car.

Walking, just walking.


Steno note, reference, ballpoint pen, red pencil, cassette tape recorder,
microphone, glasses, handkerchief, water...


“Oh... I'm so impressed.”

Can't stop laughing.

With Martin Fontaine after interviewing.

* Above eight shots: Quebec City, Canada, in 2003.
  Photography by Christopher Schulz. All rights extended exclusively to Fumiko Nakajima.


Reporting a sound laboratory.

Reporting an event over Internet satellite.

Interviewing a celebrity of Japan.

With crew (director, art director, photographer, and writer).

Interviewing students.
© 2002 Fumiko Nakajima, El, Inc. All rights reserved.